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Hair Styles | Hairdressers Bracknell - Maggie's Hair Salon, your Bracknell Hairdresser

Hair Styles

At present, men are attaching a lot of importance to their hairstyle. Unlike women, men have few options: the options for men’s hairstyling are poor since men tend to have short hair in comparison to the long hair maintained by women. However, of late, even men are showing great interest in growing lengthy hair, with women often wishing to sport a shorter hair cut!

Often, there is a variation of opinion among men regarding the right hair cut: the difference in the hair styles depends on the season. More often than not, men would like to have a short hair cut during summer with a long hair cut becoming the norm during cold winter days. Growing through the seasons, offers the potential for a medium length hairstyle in autumn, and of course it can be cut back to a similar length in spring.

If you uncertain as to the best length for your hair, contact us and one of our salon stylists will be pleased to advise. You can also read our articles on short haircut, medium haircut, or long haircut for more information.

Straight Hair or Curly Hair?

Now let’s narrow down the discussion to consider the options between straight hair and curly hair: both are men hairstyles but are worn at different times and for a variety of reasons.

For instance, everybody thought that the curly hair style was out of fashion, but that is not the case: the curly hair style is making a comeback with a vengeance! It was generally presumed that the curly hair cut is an old style dating back to the early 1970s. However, hairstyles, as with everything else related to fashion, cycle many times.

In yesteryear, a curly hair style indicated a sense of rebellion amongst people (yes, really!). Therefore, it was common to find people sporting curly hair whenever they had a problem relating to their school or college activities. However, now that trend has vanished and educational enjoyment is not responsible for changes in hair styles.

Sensibly enough, people change their hairstyle to suit their looks. For instance, straight hair may not suit people who have a large physical appearance, and they may benefit from curly hair to better match their physique. Fortunately technology is easily available to either straighten hair or make it curly depending on the client’s choice. Once upon a time, a person had to fix rollers into their hair for hours at a time to give it a curly edge (remember the huge dryers your grandmother sat under for hours at a time?). However, now that takes just a matter of minutes.

These days, any of our qualified hair stylists can change your hairstyle between curly or straight depending on your wishes, and it doesn’t cost much when compared with times past. To learn more, book an appointment for a free consultation over the soft-drink of your choice and we’ll be happy to advise.

Chemical Hair Straighteners

Special hair washing lotion is also available too, from manufacturers such as TreSemme, through the use of which hair can be either straightened or made curly chemically; with care, this is even something you can do at home.

If you want to know more about this option, contact us here at hairdressers Bracknell and we’ll be pleased to both advise you and supply the necessary hair care products directly from our well-stocked salon.

Why Change?

According to a recent survey, equal numbers of men currently like to sport curly and straight hairstyles. However, the ratio varies with fashion trends and of course individual preferences. Sometimes, a man might chose to change his hair style for personal reasons, or at the request of his wife or partner.

As to hair length, it is currently considered extremely fashionable for men to sport a pony-tail cut.

But most people, whether male or female, simply wear the hair style of their choice for no reason more complex than that they like it, feel comfortable with it, know that it suits their face & build, and that it is appropriate to their lifestyle.

If you would like some advice on your hair style, drop into our Bracknell hair salon anytime for a free consultation with a professional hair stylist.

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